COVID-19, and an awareness of the inevitability of future pandemic and environmental events, is driving a global search for scalable low-cost digital solutions. Sonoa has responded to these needs with digital tools that harness the protective power of prevention, participation and sound population management.

Preventable infectious and non-infectious diseases are the leading cause of illness, disability and death worldwide. They have enormous social and economic impact on the lives of millions and are costing billions. The high infection rate of the COVID-19 virus has elevated this burden, creating an urgent need to improve community participation in prevention.

We face two urgent issues. One is the prevention and control of COVID-19 itself and the other is the inevitable increase in chronic diseases that will follow COVID-19.

Sonoa technology is designed to activate preventive behaviour by supplying everyday people with digital tools that are simple, entertaining and personal. We recognise the close interrelationship between behaviour and disease and understand that, with or without vaccines, community behaviours are critical to the effective continued prevention and control of disease.

Information is the very foundation of healthcare. Health professionals need information to diagnose, treat and advise and everyday people need information to participate in their own health. With this in mind, Sonoa has produced a unique library of easy-to-understand medically verified information that has been embedded into the Sonoa platform.

In simple terms, Sonoa is a digital health platform that educates, monitors, informs and guides users’ health. Our platform, made intelligent by our patented technology, is the only patented technology that can provide low-cost and scalable personalised preventive care online. The technology continuously learns about each individual user throughout their lifetime. It provides a safe place to store personal health information, displays live data from medical and wellness devices, assesses and promotes preventive health measures, provides personalised reports and educational content, provides reminders on when to see a healthcare professional, supports those living with chronic illness, and can connect with a wide range of business, providers and services.

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Sonoa granted patent by IP Australia!

We are proud to advise that our world-first 'evidence-based early detection digital health technology' has been granted the protection of a patent by Australian Government Agency IP Australia. The patent provides exclusive commercial rights (a monopoly) to Sonoa and qualifies for recognition across 153 countries worldwide.


Sonoa Health is certified by the Health on the Net Foundation (HON).

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ISO 9001

Sonoa Health holds ISO 9001 accreditation for the provision of services relating to the design, development and supply of medically-verified health information.To learn more, please visit:



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