Increasing demand, rising costs, growing chronic disease, COVID-19, and an awareness of the inevitability of future pandemic and environmental events, are driving the healthcare industry to find scalable low-cost digital solutions that benefit consumers, payers, providers, business and government.

Sonoa has responded to these needs by designing world-first technology that connects the common interests of consumers and the health industry with the protective power of prevention, participation and sound population health management.

Sonoa represents a compelling global investment opportunity. Its innovative technology is protected by registered patent and its unique content protected by registered trademark and copyright.

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Sonoa granted patent by IP Australia!

We are proud to advise that our world-first 'evidence-based early detection digital health technology' has been granted the protection of a patent by Australian Government Agency IP Australia. The patent provides exclusive commercial rights (a monopoly) to Sonoa and qualifies for recognition across 153 countries worldwide.


Sonoa Health is certified by the Health on the Net Foundation (HON).

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ISO 9001

Sonoa Health holds ISO 9001 accreditation for the provision of services relating to the design, development and supply of medically-verified health information.To learn more, please visit:



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