Our future

It took a pandemic to push the healthcare industry to embrace rising consumer expectations for digitally delivered healthcare and, in doing so, ushered in the next trillion-dollar industry.

Digital health platforms are the perfect tools for matching consumer needs to healthcare providers, products, services, and prices. They provide convenience and choice and encourage engagement in self-care and preventive care while they establish trust and collect data. They are low-cost and have the reach and scale to connect with millions.

Twenty years ago, healthcare and banking were the only two industries yet to embrace rising consumer expectations for the convenience offered by digital technology. The banking sector began digitisation in early 2000 and since then, an additional 1.2 billion people now have access to financial services. Digitisation of the healthcare sector has only just begun with digital access limited to service areas like bookings, general information, pharmacy home delivery, very early telehealth, and electronic health records, with emerging health ecosystems already impacting more than a billion lives.

The future of health is a single digital platform model that provides personalised information with a strong focus on preventive care and wellness, while providing access to the entire healthcare marketplace for consumers, providers, governments and business.

As Health&® evolves, we intend to incorporate the best advancements in interactive communications, privacy and security, while adding new content and maintaining the highest standards in digital health technology.

The option for healthcare providers to create or join a digital platform will change the healthcare market beyond recognition, redefining roles and empowering both providers and consumers.