Our impact

Health&® is intended to deliver the following measurable impacts among users, compared to the general population:

  • Higher participation rates in disease prevention activities;
  • Higher detection rates of individuals at increased risk of preventable diseases; and
  • Higher rates of health-seeking behaviour among individuals at increased risk of preventable diseases.

Also, at a societal level, a net reduction in preventable diseases and cost- stabilisation, or even cost-reduction, in healthcare expenditure is intended with widespread use of Health&®.

Our goals

Overall, Health&® has the potential to positively impact:

  • Consumers: by delivering greater engagement in health promotion and disease prevention, leading to positive behavioural changes and overall improvement in health;
  • Clinicians and GP Clinics: by delivering better provision of patient care that is directed at disease prevention, through high-value, collaborative consultations leveraging consumer-informed health assessments from Health&®;
  • Healthcare payers and Government: by enabling the transition to cost-effective preventive care, with the added benefits of reducing the health burden and curtailing escalating healthcare expenditure;
  • Society: by addressing the neglected epidemic of ever-increasing preventable diseases.