Our technology

Evidence-based technologies for personalised prevention and patient engagement

Personal Health Record: Health&® adopts a vendor-neutral architecture utilising Systematised Nomenclature of Medicine Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT) for data categorisation, Health Level 7 (HL7)/Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) standards for data exchange, and cloud-hosted records service (utilising Amazon Web Services) for data storage, which are intended to support international interoperability and scalability, with future plans to embed blockchain-based architecture for added security.

AI-engine: Health&® utilises machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence (AI), as a cross-platform service for supporting user experience (chatbot functionality), preventive checks (health information optimisation, individual risk modelling, and health status predictions). The AI engine is trained on closed datasets, with medically verified testing of algorithms.

API-integrations: Health&® utilises API integrations with third-party providers to offer additional functionality, including appointment booking services, connectivity with wearable devices and, in the future, services such as telehealth, medication management and electronic medication dispensing.