Sonoa Health wins University of Utah prize

We are very excited to have our company recognised for using gaming to help improve health as part of our personalised digital health websites that millions could soon be using.

We were pleased to take out first prize at the University of Utah's Games4Health competition for a series of personalised games targeting individual health issues. The Sonoa Health&games team is developing a series of games to raise awareness of certain health conditions.

In one of the games, users control an asthmatic boy as he runs around. However, users start losing game lives if they make him run too fast or if they don't recognise when he needs his asthma puffer.

"The video gaming industry has long been criticised for contributing to health issues and social isolation, but we believe that community-connected and positive online health programs are the way forward for engaging people in healthier lifestyles" Sonoa's Health&games team leader said.

It's part of a broader push by Sonoa to digitise your health history.

The team leader said that the website developed by Sonoa would allow you to enter information about your health in a centralised spot so that you can provide a reminder of what health complaints you have had in the past.

As you provide more information, the website starts to unlock free health tests that are particular to your circumstances.

"We have harvested the knowledge of Australia's most respected medical professors to create unique algorithms that replicate the decision-making processes of a doctor, online. It learns about you and guides you to perform preventive health checks throughout your lifetime. This is supported by a comprehensive search engine of engaging, entertaining and educational health information"

It will also include a mobile app that sends you personalised health alerts.

"You have your music and your photos on your phone, the only thing that isn't really there is your health"

The platform portal also allows you to find a doctor or a specific health facility and make an appointment with just a few clicks.

You can also set up competitions among your friends and create a leaderboard to see who is leading the challenge. The app will send you alerts on your phone on how your friends are faring.

Sonoa is also looking at how it can provide users with rewards, like a Boost Juice voucher or a gym class to encourage people to keep updating their profile.

No more language barriers
Our team works with a wide range of cultural consultants to accurately tailor animations into different languages and styles.

Sonoa granted patent by IP Australia!

We are proud to advise that our world-first 'evidence-based early detection digital health technology' has been granted the protection of a patent by Australian Government Agency IP Australia. The patent provides exclusive commercial rights (a monopoly) to Sonoa and qualifies for recognition across 153 countries worldwide.


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ISO 9001

Sonoa Health holds ISO 9001 accreditation for the provision of services relating to the design, development and supply of medically-verified health information.To learn more, please visit:



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