Why we created the Health&Work Program

Business needs simple, low-cost workplace health initiatives that are evidence-based and tailored to their specific workplace.

Furthermore, these initiatives need regular monitoring and feedback loops regarding health outcomes. Effective programs provide ongoing support and engagement with employees. The program needs to provide benefit to individual employees as well as to the organisation.

Health&Work uses an online, evidence-based health portal to engage, educate and support employees into leading happy, healthy and rewarding lives. The portal is designed to be used by individual employees and their families, to securely store and conveniently keep up-to-date their health information, access easy-to-understand and medically-accurate health content, track personal health using wearable devices, and be automatically reminded for recommended health screening.

Health&Work leverages insights from employees using the portal, in an anonymous (de-identified) method, to provide quarterly reports to the employer on key metrics on employee health. This allows the employer to benchmark the health of their employees to industry and population standards, and identify areas that may benefit from improvement. The reports also provide evidence-based, low- or no cost suggestions on workplace initiatives that the employer can implement to improve employee health.

The impact of these initiatives can then be tracked through quarterly reports to inform program outcomes.

Key components of the Health&Work Program

  • 1. The Health& portal is an interactive online, health companion for employees and their families. The portal provides health content, storage for health information and tools for personalised health coaching.
  • 2. Monthly Health emails to employees with topical health and wellness information to keep them engaged in their health in a timely and context specific manner.
  • 3. Dedicated Microsite on our platform bearing the employer’s branding to acknowledge their dedication to the workplace health program.
  • 4. Analytic Reports on key staff health metrics delivered quarterly. The reports only present anonymous (de-identified) data on the health of employees. Insights from the analytic reports are used to provide evidence-based, low-or no cost suggestions on workplace health initiatives.

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Sonoa granted patent by IP Australia!

We are proud to advise that our world-first 'evidence-based early detection digital health technology' has been granted the protection of a patent by Australian Government Agency IP Australia. The patent provides exclusive commercial rights (a monopoly) to Sonoa and qualifies for recognition across 153 countries worldwide.


Sonoa Health is certified by the Health on the Net Foundation (HON).

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ISO 9001

Sonoa Health holds ISO 9001 accreditation for the provision of services relating to the design, development and supply of medically-verified health information.To learn more, please visit:



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