Our Solutions

Health&® offers the unique combination of the latest online technologies (AI, wearable devices, and blockchain) and practices in health promotion, clinical care, behaviour change methods, and user experience design, to deliver innovation in the following ways:

Personalised prevention: unlike competitors that provide generic health information that is suboptimal for driving human agency, Health&®’s personalised prevention approach reflects contemporary practice. Further, the majority of health promotion strategies have focused on high-risk patients, whereas Health&® has broadened its resources to all individuals, including lower-risk groups who may or may not require further intervention, because when adequately advised, these people can avoid inconvenience and harm from unnecessary interventions, which helps reduce cost and improve efficiency of the health system. Our broad-user platform is made possible by leveraging machine learning algorithms trained on Health&®’s curated, extensive content library of medically verified, consumer-friendly health information.

Whole-of-health preventive care: most companies that offer health prevention are targeted at specific health conditions, whereas Health&® offers a whole-of-health approach. Health&® users can complete a suite of preventive checks that are personalised to their health status/needs, and cover the range of common, preventable health conditions. As a user completes individual preventive checks, their health profile is updated and pre-populates completed and yet-to-be-completed checks, to ensure ongoing accuracy and comprehensiveness of personalised health advice. In doing so, Health&® uniquely ensures effortless, ongoing monitoring of preventive care, including ensuring interventions and behaviour change are appropriately followed.

Proven behaviour change: the success of health promotion hinges on effective behaviour change, which is rarely achieved. Health&® has employed a suite of tools, including UI/UX design, gamification and psychology, to drive user engagement and behaviour change. Health&® proudly leads in this area through proven effectiveness in real-world clinical pilots and use cases.