Prevention is crucial to reducing chronic disease and the trillion dollar impact of chronic disease on the world economy.

The Problem

Preventable chronic diseases (strokes, heart disease, cancer, and many others) are the leading cause of illness, disability, and death, and are responsible for enormous healthcare expenditure, worldwide. They have a major long-term impact on productivity and profitability in the workplace, and on individuals, their families, and their communities, and the burden of chronic disease is expected to grow over the coming years, driven by an aging population and an increase in risk factors caused by our modern lifestyles.

Twenty years ago, healthcare and banking were the only two industries yet to embrace rising consumer expectations for the convenience offered by digital technology. The banking sector began digitisation in early 2000 and since then, an additional 1.2 billion people now have access to financial services. Digitisation of the healthcare sector has only just begun with digital access limited to service areas like bookings, general information, pharmacy home delivery, very early telehealth, and electronic health records, with emerging health ecosystems already impacting more than a billion lives.

The Solution

Digital health platforms are the perfect tools for matching consumer needs to healthcare providers, products, services, and prices. They provide convenience and choice and encourage engagement in self-care and preventive care while they establish trust and collect data. They are low-cost and have the reach and scale to connect with millions.

The option for healthcare providers to create or join a digital platform will change the healthcare market beyond recognition, redefining roles and empowering both providers and consumers.

Introducing Health&

Health& is a personal preventive health platform developed by doctors to reduce the risks of chronic disease, disability and early death. Health& empowers people to manage their own health with their GP's support:

Our technology differs from other digital health applications by developing solutions to the two essential elements that make participation in preventive care possible – the digital personalisation of health information, and the digital management of preventive care. These two essential elements provide the opportunity to go after the holy grail of contemporary healthcare – effortless participation.

Medically verified Q&As

Search more than 4,000 of the most common questions asked of General Practitioners.

Device integration

Ensure your wearables and other major health apps are helping contribute to your whole of health picture.

Family member management

Add your family members to Health& to manage everyone’s health records in one place.

Video content

Health topics and health education is presented in easy-to-understand short, animated videos.

Health report card

Downloadable health history reports. A simpler way to provide detailed health history information to your healthcare providers.

Early detection algorithms

Using our proprietary algorithms but simple user Q&As, your responses can be used to produce personalised reports that identify personal risk factors for chronic illness or diseases.

Personalised assessments

When early detection assessments indicate moderate to high risk of chronic disease, these reports provide further information and follow-up recommendations with a GP or an appropriate healthcare provider.

Resource library

Search our library of easy-to-understand health information prepared by doctors at Sonoa Health, covering hundreds of common health topics.

The impact our technology makes.

The burden of chronic disease weighs heavy in Australia with over $38 billion being spent annually on high-cost tertiary interventions to care for people who suffer from chronic disease.

Extensive research over many years has confirmed that investment in low-cost preventive care services can prevent chronic disease from developing, or reduce its impact, by creating systems that can identify those risk factors that lead to chronic disease.

Impact on consumers

Health& provides consumers with the tools they need to have control over their own health. The platform identifies risk factors, provides access to easy-to-understand health information, sends prompts on health issues, reminds consumers when they should participate in self-care and preventive care, collects information from hundreds of wearable health & wellness devices, and connects with a wide range of products and services from across the entire healthcare marketplace.

Impact on prevention

Medical studies confirm that participation in preventive care saves lives, improves health and saves money. We've digitised the same evidence-based preventive-care processes that GPs have delivered manually over many years, improving access, and making preventive care easier and less costly for consumers and providers.

Impact on health literacy

Evidence confirms that health literacy saves money and leads to better outcomes. In response, we've produced animated information that's medically verified, engaging and easy-to-understand.

Impact on health markets

Just as business and governments are expected to support the environment, the pandemic has confirmed they’re also expected to support health, and by far the best way for business and governments to benefit, is to invest in prevention.

While our technology improves consumer access, insurers, providers, governments and business can actively invest in the benefits afforded by our personalised prevention-focused technology, using data to identify trends, improve retention rates, increase revenue, and reduce costs.

With a focus on Asia, home to 4.7 billion, and suffering from a severe shortage of healthcare resources, our B2B model is designed to provide personalised information and preventive care solutions not only for traditional healthcare incumbents that include insurers, providers, governments and business, but also for non-traditional entrants that now include consumer-technology giants, banks, telco-companies, industrial and retail conglomerates.

Impact on the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is on the cusp of a paradigm shift that will shape the sector for this generation and for generations to come. By combining knowledge and technology into a single consumer-facing prevention-focused digital platform, Health& represents the new normal for healthcare.

Made for corporate and business customers, and members of organisations like insurers, associations, clubs, and superannuation funds as a customer relationship management tool to increase customer/member loyalty and reduce churn.

Evidence-based online tools to help businesses and government better manage the health of employees, both at work and at home.

Developed specifically for universities to provide international students with the support tools they need to maintain good health while studying in Australia.

Tailored to suit different languages and cultures, Sonoa Health Education is an online library of engaging health education resources brought to you by the world’s most respected medical pioneers and creative minds.

For medical practices to maintain contact with their patients in between consultations and to remind patients when they should reconnect.

For individuals and their families to support healthier lives with the ability to collaborate with the family GP and manage the entire family's health in one secure, trusted platform.