Sonoa Corporate Health

Go above and beyond for your customers and members with tools designed to support their healthcare journey

Adding a lifetime of value
for your customers

Increase loyalty, reduce churn and improve your organisations contribution to a healthier society by providing your customers or members with access to the Health& platform.
With de-identified reports to your organisation on the user base chronic disease risk factor profiles, organisations can also improve product and service delivery standards across the board.

Health perceptions and behaviours are shifting

When it comes to family health, relevant, reliable, and ready-to-go information is imperative. Forget navigating through conflicting or generic search results, the Sonoa Health platform Health& is the go-to resource for trustworthy, medically verified, and evidence-based answers.

Manage health records in one place with advanced technology

Health& is an intelligent, engaging, and medically verified personal health companion that’s like having 24/7 access to a GP, putting you at the centre of your own preventive healthcare.

COVID-19 has prioritised preventive healthcare

Now more than ever, entire populations have seen the sheer importance of staying on top of their health. With telehealth becoming commonplace, the Health& platform fills the gaps between telehealth and in-person appointments by streamlining preventive healthcare with up-to-date patient history.

Key features

Dedicated microsite

Your organisations branding on our platform supports and nurtures member loyalty and trust – knowing that you are investing in a healthier future for them and their families. 

Analytic reports

Anonymous key membership metrics delivered quarterly. Insights from the analytic reports are used to provide evidence-based, low- or no-cost suggestions on membership health initiatives.

Interactive online, health companion

Interactive online health companion for members and their families providing medically accurate health content, storage for health information, and tools for personalised health prevention.

Campaigns and templates

Access to promotional assets and content that can further support your membership sales, aquisition and retention strategies.