Sonoa Health Education

Sonoa Health Education is an online library of health education resources brought to you by the world’s most respected medical pioneers and creative minds

Resources designed to educate, entertain, and inspire new ways for people to embrace good health.

Explaining complex medical information in a simple and accessible way can be difficult but our animations have been designed to bring accurate health information to life through relatable narratives and easy-to-understand information direct to patients.

Access content 24/7

Health Education members can stream content on demand – during patient consultations, in waiting rooms, on public viewing screens, and any other applications to engage consumer groups.

  • Deliver complex health information to consumers quickly and accurately.
  • Increase patient comfort surrounding difficult subjects.
  • Give children the opportunity to explore their health.
  • Educate patients preparing for procedures.

Who can subscribe to Sonoa Health Education?

Sonoa Health Education is designed to assist professional groups and individuals with their efforts to improve health literacy within their communities.

Our member base includes:

  • Medical practices
  • Educational institutions
  • Community groups
  • Content streaming providers
  • Marketing executives
  • Students
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Allied health professionals

No more language barriers

Our team works with a wide range of cultural consultants to accurately tailor animations into different languages and styles and has already been translated for a Mandarin-speaking audience.


Our animations are programmed with optional subtitles so they can be understood when sound isn't available.

Always on

Members can create custom playlists and stream to several devices and screens.

Health fact sheets

Our colourful and concise health fact sheets complement our animations to provide consumers with another valuable health resource. These fact sheets are accessible from the website and can be easily shared online or downloaded as PDF documents. Our team can also translate the fact sheets into different languages upon request.