Sonoa Student Health​

Studying in Australia provides a world of opportunities; give international students the tools they need to stay healthy

Our Platform

Our platform is currently accessible in both Simplified Chinese & English versions and provides de-identified reports to the university on mental health and chronic disease risk factor profiles in their international student populations. This data enables universities to make strategic decisions on which health support services they might introduce to attract higher enrolment numbers, but more importantly, provide the gift of better short and long term health.  

Key features

Explainer videos

Each section has a helper video that explains how to use the platform’s various features to ensure students get the most out of the product.

Personalised assessments

Generated by our proprietary algorithms matched to health history and risk factors. When early detection assessments indicate moderate to high risk of chronic disease, these reports provide recommendations to follow-up with a GP or an appropriate healthcare provider.

Health report card

Health report that summarises health history. An easy way to provide personalised health history information to healthcare providers.

Find a doctor

Based on a personalised health assessment, easily find a doctor close to home that can take care of medical tests on time.