Sonoa Workplace Health

Good health is our most precious possession and workplace health programs are leading the charge

Effective workplace health programs can improve the overall health of employees, reduce expenses, increase productivity, and provide a generous return.

Our purpose

Businesses need simple, low-cost workplace health initiatives that are evidence-based and tailored to their unique workplace. Furthermore, these initiatives need regular monitoring and feedback loops regarding health outcomes. Sonoa Workplace Health exists to do exactly that by providing effective programs, ongoing support, and engagement with employees alongside a shared benefit between individual employees and their organisation.

A happier and healthier workforce

  • Benchmark the health of employees to industry and population standards, Sonoa Workplace Health identifies areas that will benefit from improvements to foster a brighter and more productive team with the implementation of Sonoa Workplace Health.
  • Leverage insights from employees using the portal through collation of anonymous (de-identified) data and access quarterly reports containing key metrics on employee health. The reports provide evidence-based, low- or no-cost suggestions on workplace initiatives that the employer can implement to improve employee health.

Employees personal details and information will not be disclosed or sold to third parties.

Evidenced-based health information for employees

The online portal is designed to be used by individual employees and their families to:

  • Securely and conveniently store their up-to-date health information in one location.
  • Access easy-to-understand and medically accurate health content.
  • Track personal health using wearable devices.
  • Generate automatic reminders for recommended health screenings.

Key features

Dedicated microsite

Your organisations branding on our platform supports and nurtures employee loyalty and trust – knowing that you are investing in a healthier future for them and their families.

Analytic reports

Anonymous key membership metrics delivered quarterly. Insights from the analytic reports are used to provide evidence-based, low- or no-cost suggestions on employee health initiatives.

Interactive online, health companion

Interactive online health companion for employees and their families providing medically accurate health content, storage for health information, and tools for personalised health prevention.

Monthly health emails

to employees with topical health and wellness information to keep them engaged in their health in a timely and context-specific manner.