Industry leading digital health tools

We've bought together the country's best medical, digital, and creative minds to develop online tools to make the preventive healthcare experience personalised, easier to navigate and more accessible than ever before. 

Introducing Sonoa Health

Sonoa Health is committed to improving the health of populations by building intelligent tools that harness the protective power of education, active participation in health & wellness, personal awareness of preventable disease, and real time data analytics and insights. 

Our world first approach provides benefits to consumers, businesses and health policy makers. 

Produced in Australia

Australia’s healthcare system is ranked among the best in the world. Our respected knowledge economy and globally recognised high standards in medical practice make Australia the perfect location to research, develop and deliver personalised tools for better engagement, medically verified content and evidence-based preventive care solutions.  

With the support of Australia’s strong entrepreneurial and booming digital technology sector, Sonoa Health’s rigorous research, development, testing and technology production have delivered a new gold standard for digitally enabled healthcare - medically verified, evidence-based, personalised, easy-to-understand, accurate, effortless, a commitment to continuous improvement, and above all, trusted. 

World-class research and development

Well before COVID-19, a group of medical professors and elite innovators in Australia had already established Sonoa Health to find solutions to prevent and control diseases globally.

Sonoa Health’s foundations bought together a team of exemplar innovators and technologists who worked with a number of renowned medical specialists in Australia, the UK and the US to develop a set of evidence-based algorithms. A proof-of-concept app was produced and tested in Australia, New Zealand and the US to support consumers in identifying their own unique healthcare needs.

This initial release of our technology demonstrated that personalised information is not only the very foundation of healthcare, but also the key to affordable healthcare. Without personalised information, doctors can’t easily diagnose, treat, or give advice. But most importantly, without personalised information, consumers can’t participate in their own health.

This technology now sits at the core of the Sonoa Health product.

Our modular platform design has placed Sonoa Health in a position to lead the digital health market, while leveraging an evolving range of artificial intelligence capabilities and investing in its partnerships with reputable providers across the entire healthcare marketplace.