AI-Driven Health Solutions

'We build digital tools to support people in better health'

Sonoa Health® specialises in finding innovative digital solutions that improve productivity, lower cost, increase access, improve quality of care, and improve population health.

Over the past ten years, Sonoa Health® has established world-class research and development capabilities in health promotion and disease prevention, with an Australian-based multidisciplinary team of 100+ professionals including doctors, scientists, content creators, engineers, and quality assurance specialists and backed by several of Australia’s most-eminent doctors, who serve on its Medical Advisory Board.

The neglected epidemic

There is a rising burden of preventable diseases, stemming from screening- and vaccine-preventable diseases, and growing rates of obesity and physical inactivity. In Australia, one-third of the total health burden is due to modifiable risk factors.

Healthcare expenditure and the clinical workforce cannot keep pace with escalating demands. The need to shift scarce resources and priorities from clinical care to health promotion has never been greater, yet health policy is significantly lagging. Currently, classical health promotion, such as population-screening programs, delivered to the masses is grossly inadequate. Effective health promotion and disease prevention require classical public health methods together with personalised approaches tailored to individual needs and risk factors.

A new paradigm

At Sonoa Health®, we see it as our responsibility to advance the delivery of health promotion and disease prevention, thereby improving human health. Building on classical public health methods, we are pursuing the opportunity to leverage technological advances to enable personalisation of health information, risk assessments and interventions; what is so-called personalised prevention.

Using online technology, AI-tools, and evidence-based clinical guidelines, we have built our proprietary, personalised prevention platform, Health&®. Health&® is a scalable technology (available on desktop and mobile App) that enables individuals to self-assess their risk of developing common, preventable health conditions using a combination of clinical and family history, biomarkers, and data from biosensors. Powered by machine learning, Health& delivers evidence-based health scores, together with individualised health information and preventive management advice to drive behaviour change, in partnership with treating clinicians.

Introducing Health&®

Developed entirely in Australia by Sonoa Health®, Health&® is a first-to-market consumer-facing, prevention-focused digital platform that's designed to improve health and save money by empowering people to manage their own health in their own way, with their clinicians’ support.

The Health&® platform was conceived on overwhelming evidence that modern lifestyles impact health, few people participate in prevention, health promotion is hindered by literature that's difficult to understand, and the healthcare marketplace is complicated for many people.

The Sonoa Health® team realised that only digital could satisfy the needs of all stakeholders by interconnecting each group's interests with the protective power of prevention, participation, personalisation and sound population health management. Success meant finding new ways to collect and analyse data, personalise information, automate preventive care, improve health literacy, and increase engagement.

Health&® is evidence-based, medically verified, personalised, engaging, easy-to-use, packed full of easy-to-understand information, connects with wearable devices, reminds people when to participate in self-care and preventive care, and is designed to connect consumers to a wide range of goods and services from a competitive and profitable healthcare marketplace.

Designed for global markets, our goal is to deliver consumer-facing solutions in a
way that makes healthcare more accessible and less costly for consumers, providers, governments and business.