The future of health is digital

Digital can promote health in a way that’s engaging and easy-to-understand and can activate participation in disease prevention in a way that’s effortless for both consumers and providers.

Introducing Health&

Well before COVID-19, a group of eminent medical professors and elite innovators in Australia had already established Sonoa Health to find digital solutions that would reduce the enormous burden caused by chronic disease. 

Now, after eight years of world-class research and development, Sonoa Health has created Health&, a prevention-focused technology platform built to improve health, reduce cost, and increase profitability by increasing participation in preventive care.

Fifteen years ago, we noticed that the more we spent on healthcare, the less healthy we seemed to be. We were experiencing rapid growth in preventable chronic disease worldwide. Everyone agreed our modern lifestyles were the cause, but we kept coming back to the same question - why did so few people seem to do anything about it? 

While we came up with quite a few answers, we eventually realised that the 90% who do want to participate, simply don’t have access to the right tools – consumer-facing tools that can effortlessly monitor health, engage consumers, support good health and wellbeing, and importantly, support the prevention of chronic disease.

The only methods proven to reduce chronic disease are vaccinations and the regular preventive care assessments provided by GPs. The trouble is that GPs find these assessments difficult to manage because the manual processes they use to identify people at risk are complex, time-consuming, and costly. As a result, few people participate in prevention.

We engaged a team of elite medical specialists, innovators, and technologists who went on to develop a set of evidence-based and medically verified algorithms that enabled the digital management of preventive care.

Designed for global markets, our goal is to deliver consumer-facing solutions in a way that makes healthcare more accessible and less costly for consumers, insurers, providers, governments, and business.

Our vision is big and our strategy well thought-out, and importantly, the time is increasingly ripe for what we intend to do.